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Demetriades-Tsafka-Kokkalis Student Prize

The Demetriades - Tsafka - Kokkalis Prizes
The Demetriades - Tsafka - Kokkalis Prizes were endowed by a generous grant from Sterge Demetriades and his wife Anna Kokkalis Demetriades.

2015 Prize Winners

Alborz Mahdavi Alborz Mahdavi (Biotechnology)

Alborz is working on a new biotechnology company with his PhD adviser. (as of June, 2015)
Niranjan Srinivas (Nanotechnology)
Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley (as of June, 2015)
Lingwen Gan (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Facebook (as of June, 2015)
Srivatsan Kumaran (Seismo-Engineering)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Brown University (as of June, 2015)

2014 Prize Winners

Imran Malik Imran Malik (Biotechnology)
Bradley Lyon Bradley Lyon (Nanotechnology)
Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman Muhammad Mujeeb-U-Rahman (Nanotechnology)
Co-founder, Wireless Diagnostic Systems (as of June, 2015)
Faisal Amlani Faisal Amlani (Seismo-Engineering)
Co-founder, Stabilis (as of June, 2015)

Faisal is cofounder and CTO of an aerospace startup in Los Angeles, specializing in novel active aerodynamics flow control. He's also been publishing and continuing his work for which he received the prize--part time, along with some biomedical collaborations.

2013 Prize Winners

Pedro Coelho (Biotechnology)
Co-founder, Provivi (as of June, 2015)
Aditya Rajagopal Aditya Rajagopal (Entrepreneurship)
Researcher, Google (as of June, 2015)
Guoan Zheng Guoan Zheng (Entrepreneurship)
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut (as of June, 2015)
Janna Nawroth Janna Nawroth (Nanotechnology)
Wyss Institute Fellow, Harvard (as of June, 2015)
James Mckone James McKone (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Postdoctoral Scholar, Cornell University (as of June, 2015)

Since graduating from Caltech, James has taken a position as a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University in the Chemistry department. James is completing his 2nd year at Cornell. His work is supported by a U.S. Department of Energy Award that he received in 2013, and it involves developing technological solutions to the challenge of storing the energy from sunlight so that it can be used even when and where the sun isn't shining. We have recently filed for a patent on this technology, which we call the "solar flow battery." James hopes to move on to a permanent position as a professor or industrial research lab next year.

Michael Olson Michael Olson (Seismo-Engineering)
Manager, Google (as of June, 2015)

2012 Prize Winners

Philip Romero Philip Romero (Biotechnology)
Assistant Professor, UCLA (as of June, 2015)
Andrew Jennings Andrew Jennings (Nanotechnology)
Jordan Raney Jordan Raney (Nanotechnology)
Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering, Harvard (as of June, 2015)
Leslie O'Leary Leslie O'Leary (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Michael Mello Michael Mello (Seismo-Engineering)
Lecturer, Caltech (as of June, 2015)

2011 Prize Winners

Fiona Chandra Fiona Chandra (Biotechnology)
Postdoctoral Scholar, MIT (as of June, 2015)
Vivian Ferry Vivian Ferry (Entrepreneurship)
Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota (as of June, 2015)
Shelby Hutchens Shelby Hutchens (Nanotechnology)
Assistant Professor, UIUC (as of June, 2015)

Shelby went on to do a postdoc in the Polymer Science and Engineering department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. During that time received another prestigious thesis award, the 2013 Quadrant Award. In 2014 she was hired as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Science & Engineering department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Shelby's research has continued in the area of describing small scale properties to enable technology, but since shifting toward soft polymeric materials that length scale has been shifted to micro- rather than nano-technology. Shelby is currently working to produce plant-inspired active materials that utilize osmotic driving forces in aqueous environments, eliminating the need for wired power sources for specialized applications such as within the human body.

William Chueh William Chueh (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Assistant Professor, Stanford (as of June, 2015)
Matthew Falkner Matthew Faulkner (Seismo-Engineering)

2010 Prize Winners

  Xiquan Cui (Biotechnology)
  Morgan Putnam (Entrepreneurship)
Consultant, Clean Power Research (as of June, 2015)
  Matt Eichenfield (Nanotechnology)
Fellow, Sandia Labs (as of June, 2015)
  Andrew May (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (as of June, 2015)

2009 Prize Winners

  Erik Rodriguez (Biotechnology)
  Virgil Griffith (Entrepreneurship)
Tech Entrepreneur (as of June, 2015)
  Ke Xu (Nanotechnology)
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and the Chevron Professor of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley (as of June, 2015)
  Joshua Spurgeon (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Research Engineer, University of Louisville (as of June, 2015)

2008 Prize Winners

  Sebastian Maerkl (Biotechnology)
Associate Professor, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) (as of June, 2015)
  John Delacruz (Entrepreneurship)
Co-Founder, JournalFire (as of June, 2015)
  Andrew Downard (Entrepreneurship)
  Rassul Karabalin (Nanotechnology)
Eengineer, TowerJazz (as of June, 2015)
  Melissa Archer (Environmentally Benign Renewable Energy Sources)
Technical staff, Alta Devices (as of June, 2015)

2007 Prize Winners

  Jesse Bloom (Biotechnology)
Principal Researcher, Fred Hutch (as of June, 2015)

Ghyrn Loveness (Entrepreneurship)
Director of Engineering, Quantumscape (as of June, 2015)

Since Caltech Ghyrn has been involved in 3 startups in the energy field (Solar home systems for off grid customers without electricity and two battery materials companies). Now Ghyrn is at Apple and closing the loop on some of the innovations made at those startups. (Ghyrn also did graduate work at Stanford in between).

  Robert Walters (Nanotechnology)
  Jang Wook Choi (Nanotechnology)
Associate Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) (as of June, 2015)

2006 Prize Winners

  Allan Drummond (Biotechnology)
Assistant Professor, University of Chicago (as of June, 2015)
  John Howard (Entrepreneurship)
  Michael Hochberg (Nanotechnology)
Associate Professor, University of Delaware (as of June, 2015)

2005 Prize Winners

  Jeffrey Endelman (Biotechnology)
Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin (as of June, 2015)

While at Caltech Jeffrey developed an interest in agriculture, which he pursued in a practical way for several years after graduating in 2005. He then went back to graduate school to retrain in the science of plant breeding, obtaining a second PhD from Washington State University in 2011. He was a postdoc for two years at Cornell before landing a tenure-track position at the University of Wisconsin.

Over the last two years he developed a strong research program in potato breeding and genetics. His mandate is to release new potato varieties for the industry while pioneering molecular and computational technologies. For example, he is studying how genomic information can be used to predict traits with commercial significance, such as yield, tuber size and shape, dry matter and sugar content.

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